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markw89's Journal

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Live between Pensacola, FL and Mobile, AL. Moved here from Panama City Beach, FL. My life is a mix of great successes with some mistakes (some learned from, some still learning from). I have a Masters degree in Psychology and work full-time as a counselor/therapist, also in recovery for the past 10 years (drugs/alcohol). I also teach part-time at a local college (Psychology and Sociology). I thoroughly enjoy helping others and love my jobs. I have also lived in Dothan, AL, Orlando, FL, VA Beach, VA, and Chattanooga, TN. (wherever I went... I went with me!)
I get bored easily and jump from one thing to another (almost ADHD). That is NOT a good trait at times! (at other times it is and keeps life interesting)
I am always working towards personal growth and maintaining/improving my inner peace. Try to live life to its fullest, not afraid of new ideas/things.